Amira Dastur

Amira Dastur is an Indian actress working in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu films. Here is the detailed information about Amira Dastur.

Biography / Wiki

Also known as Amira Dastur Amy Rohinton Dastur, Born on 7 May 1993 (As of age 25; 2018) Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. From childhood, she wanted to become an actress, and to fulfill her dream, she started modeling at the age of 16. In 2013, with her first Bollywood film, after working in the modeling world for four years, she became a star. , Isaac. Amira Dastur is also a well known name in the South Indian film industry.

Physical appearance

Amira Dastur is approximately 5 ‘5 “tall and weighs 55 kg. She has dark brown eyes and black hair.

Amira Dastur

He is a fitness enthusiast and regularly visits the gym.

Amira Dastur at the gym

Amira Dastur at the gym

Family & Boyfriend

She belongs Parsi, Zoroastrian Social. His father was Kulsar Dastur, a surgeon and director of Patia Hospital and his mother Delna Dastur was an advertising expert. Amira has a younger brother, Jehangir Dastur, who is also a cook.

Amira Dastur with her family

Amira Dastur with her family


Amira Dastur studied at the Cathedral and the John Conan School in Mumbai and the Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai. He completed his Bachelor of Arts in HR College of Commerce and Economics in Mumbai. She started her career as a model and has done many TV commercials like Vodafone, Micromax, Dove, Clean & Clear Foaming Face Wash, Airtel, etc.

Amira Dastur's Ramp Walk at the House of Godwara for Bernia's Pop-Up Show 2018

Amira Dastur’s Ramp Walk at the House of Godwara for Bernia’s Pop-Up Show 2018

In 2013 he got his first role in a Bollywood movie. Isaac பச்சி காஷ்யப்பாக. Apart from Bollywood, he has acted in many Tamil and Telugu films like Anegan (2015), Manasuku Nachchindi (2018), Raju Kadu (2018).

Amira Dastur in 'Isaac' (2013)

Amira Dastur in ‘Isaac’ (2013)

Amira also starred in Sonu Nigam’s pop song Aab Ja Du Kahin Se (2015)..

In 2017, he starred in a Chinese comedy film, Kung Fu Yoga, In which she played the role of Kyra.


In 2018, during the #MeToo India movement, Amira Dastur accused herself of harassing the South and the Bollywood film industry. She did not reveal the names of those who harassed her; She thought they were so powerful.

Favorite things

  • Amira Dastur loves to watch plays and her favorite play of all time is “Kaum Mudi” directed by Abhishek Majumdar.
  • He wants to work with directors, Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Sunil Shanbak.
  • In Bollywood films, Kusharish (2010) is her favorite film, and in Hollywood films, Amadeus (1984) and Syriana (2005) are her favorite films.
  • Amira also wants to watch the TV show “Game of Thrones”.
  • Her mother loves food. She also likes to eat sushi, pizza and chocolate brownies.
  • In Mumbai, she loves to dine in Susette’s kitchen garden.
  • The Explorer Hotel is her all time favorite hotel, located in Paris.
  • Amira Dastur wants to spend her vacation in Paris.


  • Amira loves to read and write in her spare time.
  • She also likes to play the guitar.
  • She is a non-vegetarian. However, when she saw the animals being brutally slaughtered, she became a vegetarian.
  • Once Amira smashed her wrist on a glass table because her mother did not answer her call. For this he received physiotherapy treatment in the UK.
  • In 2018, she became the first woman to appear Just Urban Press card.
    Amira Dastur on the cover of 'Just Urban' magazine

    Amira Dastur on the cover of ‘Just Urban’ magazine

  • She hates onions and she never eats food that contains onions.
  • Amira has a fear of darkness and flying.
  • He is fluent in various languages ​​like English, Gujarati, French and Tamil.
  • She loves roller coasters.
  • She is also an avid animal lover.
    Amira Dastur loves animals

    Amira Dastur loves animals

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