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Aingaran Movie Wiki

Aingaran is an upcoming Tamil film written and directed by Ravi Arasu and produced by P Ganesh’s Common Man Pictures.

GV Prakash Kumar will play the lead role and Mahima Nambiar will play the female lead in Aingaran. Supporting roles include Kali Venkat, Arul Das, Narain, Harish Peradi and Abhishek.

GV Prakash Kumar composes the music, Saravanan Abhimanyu does the cinematography and Raja Mohammad does the editing for the film.

Aingaran Tamil Movie (2021) Cast and crew, trailer, songs and release date

Director Ravi Arasu
Production Company Pictures of the common man
Screenplay Ravi Arasu
Type Action thriller drama
Story Ravi Arasu
Pretending GV Prakash Kumar, Magima Nambiar
Music GV Prakash Kumar
Cinematographer Saravanan Abhimanyu
Editing King Mohammed
Release date 2021

Aingaran is a Tamil film actor

  • GV Prakash Kumar
  • Magima relied
  • Kali Venkat
  • Arul Das
  • The pitch is mine
  • Harish Paradi
  • Abhishek

Aingaran Tamil Movie Teaser and Trailer

Teaser of the movie Aingaran:

Aingaran Tamil Movie Songs

  • The full lyrics have not been released yet

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