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Notpe supporting cast and crew

Written and directed by Parthiban and produced by Sundar C’s Avni Movies, the upcoming Tamil film is Netflix. This is Avni Movies’ second collaboration with hip hop legend after Mesaiah Murukku.

Natpe Thunai stars hip hop Tamil Aadi and Anaka LK in the lead roles. The film stars Karu Palaniappan, Shah Ra, RJ Vigneshkanth, Eruma Sani fame Vijay, Raj Mohan and Chutty Aravind in supporting roles.

Arvind Singh’s music and cinematography are composed by hip hop Tamil Aadi. Fanny Oliver is the editor of the film.

Natpe Thunai Movie Wiki and the cast and crew
Natpe Thunai Movie Wiki and the cast and crew

Natpe Thunai Movie (2019) Cast and crew, trailer, songs and release date

Director Parthiban
Production Company Avni Movies
Screenplay Parthiban
Type Game play
Story Parthiban
Pretending HipHop Adi
Music Hip hop Tamil Adi and Anaka L.K.
Cinematographer Arvind Singh
Editing Fanny
Release date To announce more, 2019
Notpe sub-wiki and cast
Notpe sub-wiki and cast

Natpe Thunai Movie Acting

  • HipHop Tamil Adi
  • Anaka L.K.
  • Shah Ra
  • R.J. Vigneshkanth
  • Eruma Sani fame Vijay
  • Raj Mohan
  • Mouse Arvind
  • கரு பழனியப்பன்
  • Black sheep Deepti

Natpe Thunai Movie Trailer

    • First look video:

Natpe Thunai Trailer:

நட்பே துணை தமிழ் திரைப்பட பாடல்கள்

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